Earn extra income from promoting 5BucksLunch to restaurant owners

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Take advantage of the 5BucksLunch Affiliate Program today. Join now and earn referral commissions by sending customers to our site. It’s easy to do and it’s free!


  • Earn 50% Signup Bonus from each Restaurant
  • Get paid monthly residual fee (conditions apply)
  • No fees or investment from you to start
  • Payment issue once a month via PayPal or Check
  • Simple way to earn extra income at any time
  • Recommendations for how to be more successful fast

Anybody can do this at anytime from anywhere

How it Works

  • Get Access

    Get access to our admin panel where you can create your own unique link.

  • Refer Traffic

    Use your unique link to refer restaurant owners and employees, once they click on the link and purchase membership in 30 days you will earn commission.

  • Earn Cash

    Earn a 50% sign-up comission for every restaurant that will start a monthly subscription. Option of earning residual monthly income from all the accounts you signed up month after month (Ask for details in the first 2 weeks)

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