How 5BucksLunch helps your business

The least expensive marketing you will ever do

The 5BucksLunch concept is proven to work for many businesses around the United States. Lunch is the most eaten meal out of the house and customers are always looking for fast meal and great value. We will promote your restaurant in your city to people that are located close to your establishment during lunch hour for less than $1 a day. Simply put your investment will be returned with only one customer a day, start now and lock in your price forever.

Creates loyal local customers

Unlike other types of promotions that create a one time influx of customers that don’t translate into repeat business, 5BucksLunch creates a steady increase in repeat customers to your restaurant. Over time these loyal customers create even more traffic through word of mouth advertising.


Always make a profit

Let’s be honest here, Would you make a meal that cost you $6.50 and sell it for 5 Bucks? NO, Right? Here is your answer – you will always make a profit. Create a lunch option that you are willing to offer for $5 – no less no more, simple as that. JOIN thousands of restaurants that offer this option daily you will make a profit with every customer we will send you.

We don’t charge people they pay you

Our goal is to connect customers with businesses and bring value to both parties. We are not in the banking business and for that reason we will never collect any money and fees from users in advance. You are the one making the transaction with the customer, so offer them good meal with great value and for sure they will spend extra money on a drink or desert. You will get paid from the customer right after their meal, there is no extra fees from us, no waiting for your funds and no surprises.

68% Percent

Bring new people to your restaurant

Studies show that more than 68% of office workers eat their lunch at their desk, with 5BucksLunch we can bring them to your restaurant on a daily basis. Please take into consideration that this is just one group of your future loyal customers.

Below are more people to take into account that are always looking for a fast lunch.

  • Students
  • Moms with kids
  • Retired people
  • Contractors and more
Increase in repeat customers

Don’t discount your current menu

We don’t ask you to discount your current menu, but to create a special lunch item for $5 that you will promote on This way you can monitor how effective your marketing is with us.

Here are the true benefits of 5 Bucks Lunch for any restaurant

  • Fast ordering – customer makes decision in advance
  • Great option for “To Go Orders” for office workers
  • Turn tables faster and increase your bottom line
  • Make a profit with every meal for less than a $1 investment
  • Get new customers through

We started planning this concept in 2011 and since then the market proved it works for businesses and customers love it.

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And enjoy all the great benefits of 5BucksLunch for your business. Be in control of your restaurant marketing and promotions and get loyal customers to your door immediately

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